Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Meeting older women

Once upon a time a lot of people looked at the older woman younger man relationship with skepticism. Much of that stigma has now been removed. These days age differences matter far less than they used to, and there are many happy, successful marriages in which the woman is significantly older than her partner.

Even though dating older women is now more accepted, it is still important to tread carefully. It can still be somewhat of a minefield, and there are some important things to keep in mind as you search for that wonderful mature lady.

When it comes to dating older women, shared interests are extremely important. Even if you come from different generations, a shared interest in a hobby or a favorite sport can bring you together and make the age difference far less of an issue. In fact, if you are interested in dating older women, you may want to consider dating some women you know through your sporting activities and hobbies.

Shared outdoor activities can also boost your chances to make dating older women a success. These days it should not be hard to start dating older women who enjoy adventure and spending time in the great outdoors. The days of plonking yourself down in a rocking chair at retirement are certainly in the past, and these days many older women enjoy the exhilaration of exercise, sports and outdoor activities. Again you may want to start dating women older by meeting ladies on your favorite hiking trail, at your rock climbing club or similar venues. By dating older women who share your interest you will be creating a bond that transcends little things like a difference in age.

After you have started dating older women and found the woman of your dreams, you may need to overcome one additional hurdle - introducing her to your parents. This sometimes painful process can be the hardest part of dating older women, since past generations sometimes still harbour those old taboos. If you think your family may disapprove of your dating older women, it is a good idea to prepare them well in advance of the meeting. Sit down and explain why dating older women is the right thing for you. Talk about how wonderful your new girlfriend is and how much you have in common. You may not win them over straight away, but you can help make dating older women easier for everyone in your circle with a little honesty and some careful preparation.